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I believe (no pun intended) in the power of the written word. I feel all authors have a specific message and mine is reflected in my love for OUR history. We have made many mistakes as Americans but none are irreversible. My goal is to gently remind my readers that there are consequences for our actions, that love will always prevail, and to be proud of your roots no matter how salty or unsavory they are.

I enjoy painting watercolors and using that special touch to add to a penned signature at all of my signing events as well a each novel ordered on this website. We offer our S/N (signed/numbered) limited edition for each title. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each hard cover. Only one hundred originals are available and are available for $100.00. To purchase, go to our store and select Limited Edition. Remember, quantities are extremely limited! As a footnote here, for those of you who don't know, I created and painted the covers for my novels. All of the interior artwork was drawn by me also. So in each Limited Edition every drawing on every chapter, as well as each chapter break, are hand painted by me. As hard as I try to keep them the same each one turns out a bit different. If you are a Limited Edition collector, this is for you.

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