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Once, there stood a children's home of great reputation and stature. It was Home to thousands of children for nearly a century. It offered security, shelter, food, learning, health care, nurturing, and compassion along with cruelty, hatred and death. It's name was Fairmount.

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An innocent summer afternoon turns the lives of two eleven-year-old boys into chaos when they discover an Indian burial mound just off The Great Trail in Minerva, Ohio. Inside the ancient mound lay the skeletal remains of a young child adorned with carved images.

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In the 1860’s the flight for liberty for many slaves was a voracious desire, one that often could not be obtained without outside help. A twice-captured slave from Oak Bend, Georgia simply named George embraces his dream of freedom through his master’s granddaughter, Lacey.

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believe... where Chattels continues.

In the heart of historic Hope Cemetery in Salem, Ohio stands a memorial for Goldie Bell Taylor. The tragedy of a small life stolen at only two years of age is magnified in her carved marble eyes. 

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As Prohibition neared its end, Anna Lyla Timmons flaunted her red hair, lifestyle and business practices in Salem, Ohio. With the whispering of her name, many adversaries entered her speakeasy while others schemed against her.

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