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In the heart of historic Hope Cemetery in Salem, Ohio stands a memorial for Goldie Bell Taylor. The tragedy of a small life stolen at only two years of age is magnified in her carved marble eyes. 

They echo the feeling of desperate longing. Her hands are carved to nearly touching leaving a void that is filled only by a gathering of fresh flowers. All seems normal, yet Goldie’s suitors are never seen; only their bouquets remain as evidence of their visit.

Patricia (Suzie) DuVeau is drawn to this 1886 statue as she searches for the resting place of her birth mother. She is pulled into place where past and present are blended as one vision – a view into a world where its movement is guided by desperate desires to complete their purpose.

As Suzie is drawn from the mayhem, she finds solace with a family she never knew existed. Her aunt, Madeline, and companion, Patrick fills Suzie’s need for answers while she explores the convoluted life of her mother.

What she finds is not what she desires or expects.

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