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I am thrilled to announce speakeasy is finished and launched on Halloween 2014! Thank you to everyone of you who purchased a novel to make this book our most successful to date! I am thrilled to tell you the story has been entered for many different prestigious awards, and although the preliminary judging has begun with some, others are just beginning their submission requests. No matter what the outcome I will always be thrilled AND grateful to Dwight Jon Zimmerman for his help, guidance, and willingness to grant a cover endorsement. What an honor! Thank you again, Dwight. For more information on Dwight's amazing success as a #1 New York Times best-selling author visit: http//www.defensemedianetwork.com/author/dwight-jon-zimmerman/

The idea for this story came to me though and 84 year-young gentleman who came to visit me at Olde English Garden Company in Salem, Ohio. It was a quiet rainy afternoon as he shared his stories of the speakeasy that occupied the third floor in the 1920's and into the early '30s. My fingers wrote as quickly as possible (with many words I still can't decipher). I listened as Louie explained how his father used to drag him up the stairs after his dad came home from work. "I wasn't the only kid there," he said with a wink. "We used to hide under the skirted table and watch the dancers. Sometimes they would drop money." He closed his eyes and relived the stairs, the bar, the skirted round tables, the band, the dancers, the mouth speak door, the bottle doors, the cloakroom, the smell, and the staff. He even remembered the series of secret knocks to gain access. He told me all but the password.

speakeasy was born. I ran up the double set of stairs to the third floor after he left and found what Louie described. Although much had been removed a stack of the bottle doors, the baseboard outlining both stages, the chandelier escutcheon, and the cloakroom remained.

Louie's stories haunted me for a decade until now - 2014 - speakeasy comes back to life! This mystery will pull you in, consume your dreams, and fill you with wonder until all is told. Come help us celebrate. As always, I welcome your feedback and appreciate your Amazon reviews. ENJOY...

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